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Allergy / intolerance to formula?

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Ahorsecalledseptember Fri 15-Jan-21 04:06:34

My plan was always to breastfeed but this hadn’t gone as smoothly as I’d hoped and I am expressing milk for my 4 week old alongside formula.

A typical day might be:

Midnight - 90 ml formula
3 am - 90 ml expressed breast milk
6 am - 90 ml formula
9 am - 90 ml expressed breast milk
Noon - 90 ml formula
3 pm - 90 ml expressed breast milk
6pm - 90 ml formula
9 pm - 90 ml expressed breast milk

As a result it’s very noticeable that after the formula feeds he has started to be sick and struggles with wind. However he is fine after the breast feeds.

He is on cow and gate, is it worth trying a formula? different

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Mishmased Fri 15-Jan-21 04:23:23

He could just be getting used to the formula as breast milk is easier on the tummy. Signs of allergy ranges from reflux, eczema, green poos, bloody poos, vomiting and loads. Wind and upset after feed doesn't sound like it but I'm no doctor. Have you tried the comfort milk? Also how long has baby been having formula, as he may just be getting used to it so give it another week or two before changing as you may upset his tummy again.

Mishmased Fri 15-Jan-21 04:25:24

Also I would imagine baby should be cluster feeding at 4 weeks as this is the time to be building your milk supply so a bit too early for expressing. Or are you having problems with him latching on? Apologies for all the questions.

Ahorsecalledseptember Fri 15-Jan-21 05:22:02

Yes he doesn’t feed from the breast at all. He’s been on formula top ups since he was 4 days old.

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INeedNewShoes Fri 15-Jan-21 05:31:35

DD and I were slow to get breastfeeding going and the hospital insisted on formula top ups. She was topped up with a small amount after every feed until one day a midwife gave her a bigger top up and she threw it all back up. It turned out later down the line that DD has a mild dairy allergy.

At 4 weeks I ditched the formula all together and breastfeeding did then sort itself out. My supply was never great but it was enough for DD to start growing along her centile line.

If you're still hoping to breastfeed long term I would reduce the formula and pay to see a lactation expert.

Otherwise, I would call the GP and ask for a prescription for dairy free formula to try.

INeedNewShoes Fri 15-Jan-21 05:33:18

Have you tried nipple shields for feeding directly?

Kudos to you for managing to express as much as you have been. It's hard work isn't it!

Ahorsecalledseptember Fri 15-Jan-21 05:57:16

Yes we’ve tried the lactation consultants and nipple shields and tongue ties and everything - it just isn’t happening so it’s expressed milk plus formula. However he does seem to be struggling with the formula.

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Ahorsecalledseptember Fri 15-Jan-21 05:57:57

Expressing is difficult, I’m hoping to get him on five breastfeeds and three formula but I can’t see me having enough for all eight.

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Mishmased Fri 15-Jan-21 07:55:23

I would second what the previous poster suggested, a lactation consultant only if you want to continue with breastfeeding. It is hard work expressing at this age hence my questions.
If you want to move on to formula you have to give it time for baby to get used to the formula before trying another one.

Ahorsecalledseptember Fri 15-Jan-21 07:59:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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Mishmased Fri 15-Jan-21 08:00:00

Apologies just seen your replies. That sounds tough. Loads of skin to skin can help stimulate your milk. Replacing feeds with top ups reduces your body's ability to make milk as this is the time your milk production ramps up. But if baby isn't latching then that's a problem.

Ahorsecalledseptember Fri 15-Jan-21 08:02:55

I’ll break it down shall I?

1. He has been on formula since day 4 of his life.

2. We have had his tongue tie snipped, seen a lactation consultant, tried nipple shields, had ‘support’ from community midwives, zoom meetings with la leche, and no one could get him to latch.

3. That is why I am expressing milk for him, it isn’t for jollies. However I do not produce enough hence the formula ...

And now he has started to bring back the formula and not breast milk, so could anyone PLEASE help with the question not go on at me for not breastfeeding him, I am doing my absolute best here.

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Mishmased Fri 15-Jan-21 08:03:00

There's absolutely no need for such a reply. I did respond to your initial query and missed your reply hence I replied again. My first response answered your question and I only added the other because you were talking about breastfeeding.

Ahorsecalledseptember Fri 15-Jan-21 08:03:32

I’ll let him starve then

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Ahorsecalledseptember Fri 15-Jan-21 08:04:05

There is every need for such a reply, when you don’t even bother to read my posts!

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Mishmased Fri 15-Jan-21 08:04:09

I will remove my responses if it offends you that much.

Mishmased Fri 15-Jan-21 08:04:45

Did you read my very first response?

Ahorsecalledseptember Fri 15-Jan-21 08:07:03

Yes of course I did, why!?

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Mishmased Fri 15-Jan-21 08:13:23

I said your baby could be getting used to the formula and I suggested trying comfort formula as well. I did not mention breastfeeding at all.
I understand it is stressful but there's is no need to respond like that. I replied to your query at 4 and didn't see the responses until 8 and I posted an apology afterwards.

BeHappyAndSmile Fri 15-Jan-21 08:18:48

@Ahorsecalledseptember did you have another thread about an over tired baby? If you did you had the same issue with posters just ignoring what you were actually asking so I totally get why you'd get frustrated at the answers so far! Drives me mad on here when that happens.

To answer your question, I didn't pump but baby has been on formula since day 2 and is now 3 months. Up until 2 weeks ago he was on c&g and always had awful wind and sick (also has issues with pooing but you don't mention that), we switcher to hipp organic and since he's been able to get the wind out a lot easier and after the initial switch he seems to be throwing up less.

It's got less ingredients and from what I've read from other people's experiences it seems gentler on the stomach than c&g. I would avoid aptimil to start with as it's made by the same people as c&g but with only slightly different ingredients

BeHappyAndSmile Fri 15-Jan-21 08:21:51

Oh and definitely do not try comfort milk unless advised by a health visitor or gp!

Ahorsecalledseptember Fri 15-Jan-21 08:28:42

mishmash firstly my apologies, we have had a bad night and I am also very low about breastfeeding not working.

However in fairness I have said a couple of times now he’s been on formula since day 4 of his life and he’s 29 days now.

He is on cow and gate so I wonder if a change of formula is needed. It’s really hard to say.

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Mishmased Fri 15-Jan-21 08:32:14

@Ahorsecalledseptember I'm sorry as well. I had a demanding baby so I understand, I was pushing breastfeeding on you at all. Someone suggested Hipp organic that may be a good one to try. How long are you using cow and gate?

NameChange30 Thu 21-Jan-21 21:04:42

I've had two babies with CMPA and if your baby is vomiting after formula (but not after expressed breast milk) then yes that could be a sign of CMPA.

I am amazed that none of the previous posters acknowledged that, but perhaps they are not knowledgeable about CMPA.

The only way to be sure is to trial a hypoallergenic formula and see if symptoms improve.

If it is CMPA then changing to a hyperallergenic formula (and cutting dairy out of your own diet if you're still expressing) will help hugely, it takes a few weeks but you may find baby is much more settled and sleeps better too.

Helpful info and advice at

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