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Baby using me as a dummy!

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micc Tue 12-Jan-21 16:07:40

Has anyone got any tips for me? Haha
The past few days I breast feed her and when i go to put her in her bed or chair, or even if I move away she wakes up! She wont take any dummy either, I tried a few and she just gags so I gave up. She is normally such a good sleeper but because she has started doing this she isnt napping well as I cant just feed her 24/7. Its definitely a comfort thing more than a hungry thing. Last night was a bit annoying as I almost fell asleep with her in bed as she wont be put back in her crib.
She is 11 weeks old.

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YawnyOwl Tue 12-Jan-21 16:09:21

Are you sure she's done feeding? How long do you give her before trying to move?

SoCrimeaRiver Tue 12-Jan-21 16:12:23

I think she's just help maintaining your milk supply. As with all these, things, it's a phase. Ensure you your fluids up and ride it out. It will pass in time, my DS was the same but it's exhausting whilst it lasts..

RamonaQ Tue 12-Jan-21 16:23:36

She's not using you as a dummy, the other babies are using a dummy as their mummy!

ParadiseLaundry Tue 12-Jan-21 16:44:38

I agree with everyone above. I would leave her on if she wants to stay on (if it's comfortable of course). And yes, she's using your nipple as a nipple smile

micc Tue 12-Jan-21 17:12:36

Thank you for all your comments!
That article was a good read, good to know it's all normal. She is a good weight and pooing and weeing I was just worried about her sleeping as it's a bit all over the place and shes a bit crabby. But Its not too bad so it could be worse. I think I also need to make her crib more of a place she feels more comfortable, like putting her in there and staying there when shes awake. I think she just wakes up in there and is like get me out I'm not being held!! Haha, she also has reflux so it's not ideal that's shes constantly feeding but shes not too bad with it. My eldest was so different, she loved her bed and preferred being put down. I guess I'm more aware of how much time I'm feeding as I need to homeschool her and try my best to maintain everything else..
But I'm glad it's most probably because she just wants a cuddle! Haha I can do that!!

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BalconiWaferAddict Tue 12-Jan-21 17:29:37

If she's 11 weeks, it's around the time of a growth spurt usually which would would explain the constant feeding. From memory they are:

3-4, 4-6, 9 weeks
3, 6, 9 months

Hopefully you'll find she'll stop in a week or so. Only tips I have are drink lots of water, eat regularly and take your vitamins. If you're worried about falling asleep during a night feed and have a partner, can they wake up for some and sit with you? Have you tried side lying feeding following the safe sleep 7? That way if you do fall asleep it's safer. Obviously alone in her cot is best, but needs must sometimes.

Stay strong mumma!

YawnyOwl Wed 13-Jan-21 10:23:27

Agree with side feeding whilst lying down, it's amazing. I do that and read at the same time, sometimes watch TV on mute. Mine is 5months old and still won't get put down for naps shock

Tomatobear Wed 13-Jan-21 10:37:11

Hi, I know what you mean. My 5 month old now wakes for his dummy (nipple) exactly every 45 minutes day and night! You can time it. He gags and refuses a dummy too despite me trying many types.

Mine was the same at that age and everybody said "he'll grow out if it, it's natural etc.". Made me feel awfully guilty and that I should be a martyr and go along with it. Now here we are!

However, it can be dangerous when you're very sleep deprived a few months down the line and constantly nodding off.

I'm currently following the advice of a previous thread to help break the sleep association. Hope this helps. We're a few days in and it's slowly getting easier!

Tomatobear Wed 13-Jan-21 10:38:29

Just to note- we cosleep lying down etc too. He just didn't grow out of it bless him.

micc Wed 13-Jan-21 14:13:51

Thank you I will check out the thread. Yes I do feed her on my side, I like that position too. She loves it, and that's how I almost fell asleep. I get so worried about it. But last night I was feeding her lying on my side, I was basically asleep but my partner sat up and was with us in bed. He was sitting on her mattress warming it up and he took her from me and put her in her bed and she stayed there! And today I got her to nap in her chair and shes still sleeping so shes getting better but it's a lot of agg!! Haha. she slept so well again, I'm hoping it was just a faze but she was clingy with me all morning. I'm glad my OH is off work, I dont know how I would of done it home schooling my four year old while feeding her constantly.

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micc Thu 14-Jan-21 09:54:29

Update if anyone is interested Haha, she was crying so I thought she wanted a feed even though I just fed her 10 mins ago. I popped her down in her bed for a minute while I got a glass of water and when I came back she was asleep!! Sucking her thumb! Accidentally got her to self sooth! Fingers crossed she remembers how to do it when shes tired next time!!

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EgSk Thu 14-Jan-21 13:48:17

“She's not using you as a dummy, the other babies are using a dummy as their mummy!”

I Love this !!

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