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Weaning off the bottle

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KDONEE Mon 11-Jan-21 20:30:00


I'm a first time mum to a 15 month old boy. He has a bottle of cow's milk first thing in the morning and one before bed. I want to wean him off the bottle but am not sure what to use for his bedtime milk instead. I've tried an open cup before but he wasn't keen so think I might need to use some kind of transition bottle before trying a cup again? Was hoping for some suggestions please.

Thanks in advance x

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Crazytoddler83 Mon 11-Jan-21 21:13:41

We use a munchkin 360 miracle cup. It works like a cup, but has a lid, so no spills. He has used it since he was just over 1, and still likes it sometimes now aged 2.5.

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