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Failure to thrive success stories?

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Gigi10 Mon 11-Jan-21 01:17:35

Anyone? In need of some hope and positivity

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greyinganddecaying Mon 11-Jan-21 02:34:03

Yes - my little boy was premature. He developed well for a while then started to refuse milk/food when weaning & his weight dropped.

With the help of an excellent speech therapist & dietitian we slowly got him eating, but it took about 18 months.

There were times when we thought he'd have to be tube fed again, but it didn't happen in the end. However I know a number of children who were tube fed for a couple of years until feeding issues resolved - although it sounds scary, they coped fine.

Danni91 Wed 13-Jan-21 08:32:17


My 2 year old was born 5 days overdue, breastfed, barely gained 2lb in the first 10 weeks. Diagnosed as faliure to thrive, off to hospital to be tube fed, I was fighting them at the time. He was alert/happy/wriggly/many poops all the things he should be, just slow to gain weight.

As luck had it a peadatrician and a midwife overheard us & after a few hours diagnosed with cows CMPA and a gastric issues, allowed me to go back home for 3 days with the goal to give up dairy & top up with dairy free formula 2x a day.

They said they wouldn't fail go hospitalize him if he hadnt gained a certain amount of oz on my return.

I did it. I stil breastfed him until 6 months but he did end up fully on formula eventually.

But he is 2 and absolutely grand now.

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