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When is a nursing strike not a strike anymore?

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Pinky9000 Tue 05-Jan-21 16:53:50

BFing DD has been a battle for 3 weeks now. On off on off on off and lots of crying in between :'( I have tried everything. It all started after her vaccines. I literally feel like I'm in the newborn phase again and getting absolutely nothing done because if she's not on the boob, she's crying or fussing because she's hungry. I'm trying to pump when I can but really struggling to find the time anymore. DD's weight has always been an issue so have been giving formula top ups when I haven't pumped enough.

To be honest, I feel horrible saying this but I dread hearing her wake up because I know it'll just be another battle until she falls asleep. I used to enjoy BFing so much and felt like it was a beautiful bonding experience and now it's a total nightmare. I really do miss the peaceful feeds.

How much longer do I give this before throwing in the towel? We had a lot of issues with BFing at the start and I worked so hard to get it right. It was all going well until these last 3 weeks. I don't want to give up but I really can't take this stress for much longer.

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Kaiken Tue 05-Jan-21 19:21:48

How old is she ?

Where do you BF her? try in your bed, half dark room, whispering to her, giving her your attention, not watching a screen, book,

Do you drink enough? There are teas to increase supply

Pinky9000 Tue 05-Jan-21 19:53:48

I've tried all of those things sad she will be 4 months soon.

I used to drink loads but all this has just had be so preoccupied, I'm struggling for a loo break let alone eating and drinking well.

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Kaiken Tue 05-Jan-21 20:47:36

Contact them for free support, help and tips.

If you don't drink and eat well, your supply will be affected. I don't think your DD is on strike, but frustrated because because either flow too low or not enough.
You should offer the breast all the time, even when she is not hungry to increase supply.
But call LLL, they are gold.

Pinky9000 Tue 05-Jan-21 21:15:29

Thanks @Kaiken
I will give them a ring as soon as I can.

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Chel098 Tue 05-Jan-21 21:25:02

Can you try your DD with formula for a couple of days straight and see if she settles better?

When I saw how DS settled with formula I stuck to it.

Kaiken Tue 05-Jan-21 21:34:35

That would be the end of breast-feeding . Before giving up, trying a few things is totally worth it.

Thatwentbadly Tue 05-Jan-21 21:35:54

Is she teething? Have you tried giving nurofen? - Take the age guidance first though as I can’t remember it if hand.

Pinky9000 Fri 08-Jan-21 01:40:57

Thanks all for your responses. Nursing strike is finally over but my supply took a hit sad currently supplementing with formula and pumping to try and get my supply back up. Wish me luck.

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