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Latch getting worse - 8 weeks

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harrietm1987 Tue 05-Jan-21 09:03:08

My baby had her tongue tie cut on day 4. After it was cut she would make some sucking/clicking sounds on one side only, and only in the cradle hold, so I’ve been feeding her in other positions on that side. Now though she’s 8 weeks and is making the smacking sounds on both sides in all positions. I think her latch is just getting lazy and there’s not enough breast in her mouth, but she pulls back every time I latch her on and doesn’t really open wide enough in the first place.

I think I really need help face to face but obviously not possible now in lockdown. Does anyone have any tips? Is it possible to relearn a good latch at this stage? Does it sound like her tongue tie has reattached?

Her weight gain is ok - she dropped 8% and didn’t get back to birthweight until 17 days, but she was 9lbs at birth - and gain has been steady since but because of that initial drop and delay she’s gone from 95th to around 65th centile.

Nappies good and she’s alert and happy but I’m terrified her growth will slow/my supply will drop.

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Shameless29 Wed 06-Jan-21 23:21:35

Hi lovely

Have you tried your local breastfeeding support group? Mine were really helpful when I was having problems with the latch! Not sure they are running at the moment with national lockdown but they were still running when my area was in tier 4. Also, there are a few really good support groups on Facebook with trained admin, the one I'm in is called breastfeeding support and guidance Uk, hope this helps!

I'm on week 8 and struggling with a lazy latch and mastitis too! I found going back to basics really helps and also unlatching the baby at the first hint of it being uncomfortable has really helped rather than powering through, it makes them cry but at least there mouth is open wide grinconfusedh ope this helps!! Xxx

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