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Question about pumping

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Pinky9000 Mon 04-Jan-21 17:57:01

Hi all,

I'm one of those people who doesn't get much milk out through pumping but my supply is fine as DD has a fair amount of wet and dirty nappies and gaining weight albeit a bit slowly due to allergies and reflux etc.

Ideally I wanted to have a small freezer stash of breast milk to add to her solids when I start weaning. Is there any way I can increase the amount I pump- if I pump at the same time everyday, will this help me produce more? Right now I get about 30-40ml and first thing in the morning about 60ml. Also it looks like I may be going back to work sooner than I'd initially planned so all the more reason to get pumping.

Advice would be greatly appreciated!

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cretelover Mon 04-Jan-21 17:57:52

Can you try a haaka? Might build up a stash without too much work.

Pinky9000 Mon 04-Jan-21 18:00:08

Is that similar to a silicone milk collector? I've forgotten the name of the one I have. The suction thingy. I've tried that whilst feeding and again don't get much except when I've just managed to unblock a duct.

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peapotter Mon 04-Jan-21 18:56:22

Try pumping while baby is on the other breast (there’s a bit of an art to it, a bra and duct tape can help.). That gets the hormones in the right state.

spidermomma Mon 04-Jan-21 19:08:13

I just kept pumping. I was so slow to begin with then eventually I could pump for an hour whilst watching tv and have 2 bottles full! It soon came thick and fast

Once I got out of the shower and bent over to dry my legs and wow it was like pouring a full 4 pints of milk on my floor ! X

Sairafina Wed 06-Jan-21 12:47:24

I exclusively pump so in a slightly different situation but I find the 1/2am pump yields the most - I usually get 5oz per boob and only takes about 10minutes!
Could you experiment with the time of your pump?

onetwothreeadventure Wed 06-Jan-21 12:53:08

If you can manage it, some time around 2am.

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