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Shall I just give in with the breastfeeding?

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bitno Sun 27-Dec-20 23:45:21

Hi all

My lo is just over 5mo and has been exclusively bf since birth. Recently though, my daytime supply had started to really decrease. It’s putting pressure on me because I’m desperate to continue the bf until lo is at least 12 months - but also find it extremely distressing when my lo is frustrated and hungry at my breast.

I gave in and gave some cow and gate formulae but lo really didn’t like it from what I could tell. I should be giving about 150ml for a feed but lo only took 50-60ml (at the 2 formula feedings so far) and it was very slow and (sort of) forced. But seemed to somewhat satisfy lo’s hunger.

I must admit though, my diet has been very poor over the festive period. Drinking a lot of coke and little water and not eaten anything that helps/stimulates lactation.

I still have my Medela symphony on hire that I just do t have time to use with a 3yo too.

What should I do?

I must also say, my breasts are so full during the night. When lo wakes up (2-3 times per night), I feel for my breasts and whichever feels full, I will feed on that and feel so content when lo feeds and empties the breast.
I just don’t experience the fullness feeling or the content feeling during the day.

I am considering just breastfeeding during the night and formulae feeding during the day (essentially combi feeding?)

Is this sustainable for my milk supply?
Will it not dry out?

If anyone has experience of similar situation, please help!

Thank you

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Ami3 Sun 27-Dec-20 23:57:45

Hi op ,
Im currently still exclusively Breastfeeding my almost 2 year old and remember those dreded times wen I almost gave up because I thought I had less milk.
I'm so glad I continued.
I'd say change ur diet, eat nutritious foods and plenty of water and just see how it goes. Give it a bit of time and if u still feel babys not full then do give formula, but change your diet first.
I found a spoonful of raw fenugreek seeds really helped with boosting my supply, just 1 spoonful for a few days and it made a huge difference.

Hang on in there, it gets so much easier as they grow and this bond u have with ur baby is just so special.

All the best x

Gwlondon Mon 28-Dec-20 00:01:35

Most your supply is at night I thought? Don’t worry that it doesn’t feel the same. It’s not meant to. Night feeds are very important I think babies get 30% of the calories at night. When you rest at night you get a good supply.

I will try and find a link. The la la leche had a good book that had loads of information.

You can do do it to 12 months. You have done 5 months already!

INeedNewShoes Mon 28-Dec-20 00:10:46

It's at about this time that many mums think their supply is dwindling but I gather it's normal for feeding to regulate so well at the 4/5 month point that you are making just the right amount of milk.

If your baby is having plenty of wet nappies and is gaining weight on their percentile line then you're fine.

If baby seems discontent after a feed or not having many wet/soiled nappies or doesn't seem to be gaining weight (I'm guessing health visitor clinics are non-existent just now but is there a system in place to check baby's weight?) then obviously you do need to think about supplementing with formula.

Gwlondon Mon 28-Dec-20 00:13:22

I don’t have experience of combination feeding.

One thing is that you can’t know from how it feels how much fat (so calories) are in that feed. If you feed on demand then you baby gets what they need be it calories or quenching thirst. But eat well for you!

These people have good information for you to browse while you decide what you want.

Gwlondon Mon 28-Dec-20 00:15:12

I agree with INeedNewShoes things don’t feel the same all the way through. The la leche books goes through each stage and what to expect.

winterbabythistime Mon 28-Dec-20 12:27:20

I doubt your supple is dwindling at 5 months unless there's a medical reason. Your breasts won't feel full at this stage. Mine have already softened during the day at almost 4 weeks in.
Giving formula will reduce your supply eventually though - of course it's up to you, formula is a perfectly fine food for a baby.

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