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Weird nursing behaviour??

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Pinky9000 Fri 18-Dec-20 02:44:19

Hi all

My almost 3 month old used to feed fairly peacefully like clockwork until a few days ago. Now, she has a few gulps and pulls off, fusses then frantically latches back on. Literally the entire feed is like this. Sometimes she cries in frustration but I don't know at what? Feeds are now taking a lifetime and it's so difficult to judge if and when she is satisfied!

I've tried breast compressions for fast flow, switching breasts, different positions...nothing seems to work apart from feeding her whilst swaddled (is this ok?). I've checked her mouth, no sign of thrush. She suffers from CMPA and as of this week suspected wheat allergy. She had her vaccinations on Tuesday, don't know if that makes a difference.

Anyone been through anything similar?

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duckinatruckwithmuck Fri 18-Dec-20 04:02:18

Nursing strike?

Yaty Fri 18-Dec-20 04:10:53

Yes sounds like a nursing strike. My now 16 week old did the same starting about a month ago. Now she'll only breastfeed over night or straight after waking during the day. Shes just too distracted by everything to concentrate during the day.

endofthelinefinally Fri 18-Dec-20 04:30:21

Blocked nose?

ColdCottage Fri 18-Dec-20 04:34:16

No ideas but perhaps look up your local breastfeeding support group. Mine offer 1:1 zoom calls. Speak to your local maternity hospital for details

itsausername Fri 18-Dec-20 04:38:41

My baby was similar at this age, they were just getting too distracted as they became more aware of the world. You could try feeding in a room with dimmed lights and little distraction if they are feeding well overnight.

Pinky9000 Fri 18-Dec-20 09:23:52

Hi all, thanks for your responses. Managed to get 2 decent feeds into her while she was still half asleep.

Forgot to mention- she had her vaccinations on tues...not sure if that's what triggered it all.

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Pinky9000 Fri 18-Dec-20 10:51:06

Lol clearly very sleep deprived...mentioned vaccinations in my original post. Anyway really hoping this passes soon as she has only recently started gaining weight again following reflux issues and CMPA etc.

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Maria5kids Fri 18-Dec-20 10:56:07

I remember mine being like this at this age, breast feed all 5 of mine. Try wearing a necklace she can play with, they actually do breastfeeding necklaces on ebay. Will keep her focused on you rather than everything going on around her.

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