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BF supply and night time sleeps

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metallicbear Mon 30-Nov-20 07:13:24

I am EBF my 8 week old. For the last couple of nights she has slept long stretches at night, for 7-8 hours, upping from 4-5 hour stretches. She feeds a lot during the day and is putting on weight really well so for these reasons I am happy to let her sleep as she wants to.

However I am also very aware this is likely to be a temporary thing and we will be back to shorter bursts of soon. Will these longer stretches of sleep effect my supply? Should I be waking her in the night for this reason or pumping during the night? Or will my body adjust accordingly ok if she starts needing more feeds during night again? I'm just really worried this could effect supply. I feel like we have finally established good feeding getting through some issues so really don't want to do anything to mess it up!

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sleepyhead Mon 30-Nov-20 07:15:09

Enjoy your sleep! If she starts waking again more frequently tour supply will adjust aagain.

DerbyshireMama Mon 30-Nov-20 07:28:06

My daughter was the same - sleeping through at eight weeks. Enjoy it! Then the four month sleep regression hit and it took months to get over. Your supply will adjust. It's amazing how responsive it is. She's eight months old now and we'll have some nights of sleeping through, some with one feed, we even still have the very odd night where she'll feed three or four times...the boobs know what they're doing 😉

Almostslimjim Mon 30-Nov-20 11:28:44

Enjoy your sleep, she's obviously getting enough in the day time. If your supply reduces, your DD will sort it out by waking more frequently! Just feed her on demand and your supply will meet the need.

metallicbear Mon 30-Nov-20 18:19:26

OK thanks all!! I need to step away from Google... I was finding advice saying that you should still wake to pump but then was getting confused as surely that would lead to over supply, but we are now in a good place with feeding so very paranoid about messing it all up! I will let baby lead the way smile

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