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Alldayeveryday200 Thu 26-Nov-20 20:13:28

Can I stop all feeds apart from night feeds? We are down to a bedtime feed, sometimes morning and 1 or 2 night feeds. The morning feed will be fairly easy to stop as she doesn't have that everyday. However after her bath, she usually asks for boob and clambers over to me. I feel guilty and selfish about stopping as she does enjoy it but I worry it'll be so much harder to stop when she's do I do it? Get DH to do bedtimes for a while (this will have to be over Xmas when he's not working). Should I replace with a bit of cow's milk? (She doesn't drink much but has a little with her snack sometimes).

If I try to night wean will that just mean she wakes in the night and will take ages to go back to sleep instead of a quick BF and straight back to sleep?

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olderthanyouthink Thu 26-Nov-20 20:18:22

Night weaning might mean you loose the magic KO trick, might not be an issue but it's a risk.

I think getting DH to do the bedtime routine might be a good idea tbh.

For what it's worth I still BF DD and she's 2, she is on the other end to yours though when she feeds a lot (goes to nursery and managed fine) and the plan is to let her wean in her own time. As she's older she does understand better if I need a break or her to stop, not 100% but still.

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