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Comfort milk experiences for baby that struggles to poo!

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Cassie1394 Sun 15-Nov-20 20:48:17

Congratulations! smile

My LO has been prescribed lactulose from 5 weeks. It honestly made such a difference to her. We also had to change formulas and that made the constipation worse x

RRoseR Sun 15-Nov-20 20:36:05


This is my first ever thread and first ever baby! She is 3 weeks old and since she has been born she’s not been a regular ‘popper’!

She strains when she tries to trump and makes a piercing wail as she tries to trump and is unsettled!

She goes about 3 days ( can be longer ) without pooping and I have been advised by the HV to try comfort milk as we have already tried normal
Aptimil and SMA

We were told an old wives tale ( sugar water ) which worked and the next day she was like another baby so calm and slept so peacefully through the night ( woke up for her Feeds but settled straight back down ) but now it’s been a day and a half since and she still hasn’t pooped and is back wailing and straining and being very unsettled!

Just wondering whether anyone has experience the same / similar and what worked and experiences with Comfort milk!


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