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How frequently are you breastfeeding a 2 week old?

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PeggyMoo Tue 10-Nov-20 11:42:32

Just that really! This is my second DC but I’d totally forgotten his hard going it is (and how painful!).

How long before you got into some kind of routine? Think I need to start logging feeds but seems to be hourly / every hour and a half at the moment. And it’s knackering!

Also what did you do all day? I’m already feeling frustrated!

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Twizbe Wed 11-Nov-20 17:35:44

I can't remember but I did find setting a timer at the start of a feed helped me anticipate the next feed easier. I set it for 3 hours

Avacadoandtoast Thu 12-Nov-20 04:58:57

I’m in a similar boat - baby just turning 3 weeks and feeding ALL the time! I am tracking it, it’s every 1-2 hours just now, hitting 12-13 feeds a day.
Tonight is the first time we have had 2 x 3 hr stretches.
I seem to remember from baby no.1 that it starts to ease at 6 weeks. I might be wrong but that’s what I am pushing towards at the moment and just hoping things start to get easier and we get a little sleep soon!

Clockstop Thu 12-Nov-20 05:17:58

I always just feed on demand and that is often every hour for months. Even my 14 month old would feed every 3 hours if I have him home with me all day.

chachachanges Thu 12-Nov-20 05:22:37

Gosh at least every hour at that age. It's boobs out on the sofa territory, even with another kid around.

My DS1 fed at least every 2 hours for months. DD2 at about 10 weeks started to do more regular 3 hour stretches and it's easier now to have some routine

FireflyGirl Thu 12-Nov-20 07:21:52

I use a free app called Huckleberry to track feeds/nappies/sleep. I love data.

DD is 3 weeks tomorrow - she feeds an average of 13-14 times a day, around 5 hours in total, with around 1.5 hours between feeds.

Except yesterday, when she fed 18 times and spent over 8 hours attached to my boob out of 24 - the rest she pretty much spent screaming at us. Think it was a growth spurt, or possibly bad gas, but it thankfully seems to have settled overnight. I couldn't do many days like that!

As for what we do - feed the baby, change the baby, get the baby to sleep, feed the baby... It's very boring at the moment. I'm really not a baby person, though!

Superscientist Thu 12-Nov-20 14:05:32

We are 13 weeks in and feed during every 30 minutes to 2h but are now getting 3h routinely overnight with the occasional 4-5h. She doesn't feed for very long with each feed ~10 minutes and 2-3h a day. She's much more efficient than she was in the early days so although she is feeding frequently I'm not spending as much of my day feeding.

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