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Pls help me do the right thing for my baby

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Byemelania Mon 09-Nov-20 20:40:28

Ah interesting @Masssivefuckup. I will go with Hipp then based on two recommendations! Thank you 🙏🏽

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Masssivefuckup Mon 09-Nov-20 19:12:03

Oh and I use hipp organic which is good. Kendamil also has a very good reputation although I've not tried it myself.

Masssivefuckup Mon 09-Nov-20 19:10:42

As others have said, pumping is way harder than direct nursing (if you're able to direct nurse relatively easily).

If I was completely free to choose I'd BF then give a bottle of formula last thing (I have to mix feed due to various problems and the only advantage is that after giving formula last thing at night my 13 week old sleeps really well)

eggontoast2 Mon 09-Nov-20 12:27:17

Hipp organic. It's supposedly gentle and a good transition from breast. Just transferring my 5 month old onto formula as going back to work in jan and I have a demanding 3 year old. My first had hipp organic too at 6 months and we had no digestion problems.

Byemelania Mon 09-Nov-20 12:16:05

Thanks everyone. If formula, should I use follow on, organic?

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SeptSpiral Mon 09-Nov-20 07:44:49

I hated pumping so that option would be out for me. I combi fed and found it meant we got the best of both worlds

Fifthtimelucky Mon 09-Nov-20 07:43:24

I agree.

I did pump at work, but was out of the house for 10 hours a day. I wouldn't have bothered if I'd been working at home. Much easier to feed her yourself surely?

GemmeFatale Sun 08-Nov-20 19:48:12

I’d keep breastfeeding. Personally I found pumping harder than just nursing. And you’ll be starting solids soon.

Having said that there’s nothing wrong with mixed feeding or even just formula if that’s the right choice for you.

Byemelania Sun 08-Nov-20 19:27:37

DD1 was exclusively breastfed for a year, then cold turkey stopped, and she started sleeping through the night. She’s now 2.5.
DD2 is five months. My job is more demanding now and with DD1 around and needing a lot of attention, I’m wondering what to do. She’s six months in a couple of weeks..I wfh.
Continue to exclusively BF?
Combine BF and use formula when I’m at work?
Switch to formula?
If formula, which? Organic? That follow on stuff? I’m a total formula novice so it’s all a mystery to me...
What would you do and why?

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