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Getting rid of nipple shields: is it possible?

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Marghe87 Wed 04-Nov-20 17:14:31

My DD is 2 months old and has been EBF so far. I started using nipple shields on one breast following the advice of a MW at the hospital as I have a flat nipple and she couldn’t latch well. Over time, I started using them on both breasts but now I feel ready to get rid of them. Problem is, baby is now used to it and won’t latch without. I am trying a gradual approach but she screams and cries unless I use it. Do you have any tips?

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GrendelsCat Wed 04-Nov-20 17:24:29

I used nipple shields from the start, baby wouldn't feed without them at all. Started trying to ditch them from 2 months but the most we'd manage was maybe a couple of mins before she'd unlatch and start screaming. Then one night when she was 5 months she swiped the shield away mid-feed and never used it again. I have no idea what changed, but if it's any help at least in my experience they just seem to get to a point naturally where they don't need it. Sorry not to have anything more practical to suggest!

Marghe87 Wed 04-Nov-20 18:20:12

@GrendelsCat that gives me hope! Thank you smile

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jessetta28 Thu 05-Nov-20 10:03:36

My DD is the same age as yours - while we could occasionally get her to latch without them in early days it was difficult. We decided to start trying to wean her off in earnest at 4/5 weeks and to my surprise she basically plonked straight on without them and never needed them since. Keep trying when she’s relaxed and not desperate for a feed, make sure your positioning is great and it might work out!

OakleyStreetisnotinChelsea Thu 05-Nov-20 10:09:09

As others have said at some point it will click. Usually when you are offering the breast she's really hungry so not likely to get cross and frustrated if you are offering without. You can try starting the feed then having a little pause, taking it off and putting her on without. But if she won't go for it stick it back in straight away.

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