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hiji3964 Tue 10-Nov-20 12:35:11

What can be done about what? Why are you worried?
This is a very normal feeding pattern! You don't need to MAKE her have more, that's probably why she's crying. She'll take what she needs.
What centile was she on when she was born? As long as she's not dropped considerably then you are fine, trust your midwives.
5 hour stretch is quite good for that age, we were still feeding every 2 hours at 2 months.

drrashi Wed 04-Nov-20 06:06:36

Hi my baby is 2 months old and is formula feeding since birth ..
She will only take 2 ounces per feed and then start crying and it's really difficult to make her have more... she feeds almost every 3 hours ... and in the night will go up to a good 5 hour gap ..
At her 6 week check she only weighed 3.8kg and was on the 10th centile.. the midwives told me it's normal she's just small ... but I'm really worried. What can be done ?

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