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Formula fed 1 year old

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tri2mum Tue 03-Nov-20 20:10:30

FF LO is turning 1 next week and I'm completely lost with what to do about his bottle feeds. He currently has one when he wakes, afternoon and bedtime plus three good meals. He then can have either 1 or 2 more during the night depending on how well he sleeps (but that's a different subject altogether)

My question is do we just go 'cold turkey' and swap his formula for cows milk or water at all times or do it more gradually. Also what do people suggest for the night feeds.

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dementedpixie Tue 03-Nov-20 20:13:43

I would swap one feed at a time. In fact I'd maybe swap the afternoon one for cows milk in a cup with a snack and see how you get on

dementedpixie Tue 03-Nov-20 20:14:41

Night feeds - maybe offer less in the bottle or give water if they wake a 2nd time

kiwiblue Tue 03-Nov-20 20:19:12

My DS was still having night feeds of formula at 14 months. We got a sleep consultant who recommended dropping one feed at a time and dropping it by reducing the amount by an Oz every couple of days. It worked really well for us. So drop one feed gradually by an Oz every couple of days, then start on the next feed and drop that, etc.

JoanApple Tue 03-Nov-20 20:22:21

Agree with above.

Also agree to swap afternoon for whole milk and snack.

My LO naturally dropped her morning bottle when she discovered cereal around 2 years. Still has bedtime formula.

FlibbertyGiblets Tue 03-Nov-20 20:23:30

I think there are two issues here; as you say, night waking for milk (kind of normal) and teeth health. How do you feel about keeping him on infant formula for now, but swap out the bottle for a tooth friendly cup? Bottle feeding through the night is awful for caries, unless the parent diligently cleans teeth straight after.

With regards to the night waking, it might take two or three nights of him waking and being comforted with cuddles and shushes before he sleeps through.

Mine at this stage had supper (porridge/a weetabix with warm milk) then teeth and bed, they seemed happier with this little extra mini meal, sleeping through much more often.

Misstabithabean Tue 03-Nov-20 20:46:17

To switch to cows' milk, I'd make up the formula but reduce it by an ounce and then top it up with cows' milk to the normal amount. I then kept reducing ratio of formula to cows' milk until it was 100% cows' milk. It took a while and I could probably have done it more quickly but I was worried about my LO refusing it! He still loves milk now and drinks quite a lot. I remember being really glad when I could stop making up formula because cows' milk was so much quicker and easier!

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