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Nipple blanching

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WayTooSoon Mon 02-Nov-20 22:39:31

My nipple is constantly turning white and is excruciatingly painful, more so now that the weather is getting cooler. I'm currently wearing a jumper over my pyjamas and have a hot water bottle against my boob and it still hurts. This happens post-feeding, but is starting to happen just if the weather is cold. I dread feeding my baby when I'm out because of this.

Any tricks or tips you've found effective?


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NWnature Wed 04-Nov-20 20:33:55

Following as I have this on my right nipple! My baby is 2 weeks old tomorrow and I’m a FTM clueless about anything particularly breastfeeding. I hope someone can weigh in on this as i had been lucky with no pain so far!

WayTooSoon Wed 04-Nov-20 21:12:10

@NWnature, it's my right one too. My baby is 6 months and up to now he had been feeding fine. I've recently started weaning him onto solids and wondered if he was just transferring his newfound chewing skills onto my boob, but I think it is definitely the weather that is the major factor. I'm wearing 3 layers and a blanket and my nipple is still like a football stud! 😭

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ChocBeforeCock Wed 04-Nov-20 21:14:18

Could it be Raynaud’s?

MarthaWashingtonsFeralTomcat Wed 04-Nov-20 21:16:44

It can be similar to Reynaud's (esp if you suffer elsewhere eg fingers, feet) but even so, latch is absolutely key. Something like an exaggerated latch technique (eg Milk Meg video on Flipple) could help, or trying some different positions. Prolonged compression of the nipple can lead to damage whicj means the vasospasm doesn't cleae immediately so it's worth persevering.

Are you in touch with any breastfeeding support locally?

MarthaWashingtonsFeralTomcat Wed 04-Nov-20 21:17:54

Olive oil massage can be especially helpful after a feed to bring the blood flow back in a less painful way

NWnature Thu 05-Nov-20 06:38:49

I think baby’s latch is worse on this side for some reason. I’ve tried to correct/ make as deep as possible and also tried feeding in the rugby position. It is still really painful and I want to try and sort it before the nipple splits or I do any lasting damage. I was wondering about using a nipple shield on that breast to give it a break?

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