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Nursing strike

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Mouscadoo Sat 31-Oct-20 16:08:42

We just moved home and my 9 month old who is exclusively breastfed is refusing to feed all day. Hasn't had one feed. Any ideas on what I should do please??

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Mouscadoo Sat 31-Oct-20 18:31:43

Anyone please?

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GroundAlmonds Sat 31-Oct-20 18:38:15

When was the last successful feed?

When you say EBF do you mean no solids whatsoever? Finger foods? Anything at all?

capitalcapitalcapital Sat 31-Oct-20 18:43:02

No personal experience but didn’t want to leave this unanswered as I’m sure you are worried.

Have a look at the KellyMom website - it’s super helpful with everything bf related
The link should take you to the article about nursing strike.

Hope it’s useful. There’s loads of specific things to try smile Hope it helps, take care

tbtf Sat 31-Oct-20 19:07:32

My DD went on strike, I just kept offering but not forcing, then she came back around the next day. Has your baby eaten and drank through the day? You might need a comfort pump, hopefully it'll be a short strike

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