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Allergic reaction

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Wotuser Tue 27-Oct-20 13:56:24

So I feel really stupid today. Weaning 7mo DS and decided to trial him with almond butter this morning. He had about half a pea-sized amount in his porridge and I didn’t notice any reaction.

Have just fed him lunch and gave him a piece of red pepper for the first time, not realising that nightshade allergy was a thing! I’ve been so careful to introduce one allergen at a time until today and we have had no issues with dairy, egg, gluten. During lunch a rash appeared on his head and torso.

Is this likely to be a delayed reaction to the nuts at breakfast or an instant reaction to the pepper? Waiting on a call back from the doctor but would appreciate hearing thoughts/experience in the meantime. I feel so crap that I’ve fed both today so can’t easily identify the cause!

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