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Bottle at bedtime? Advice needed

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Wudgy Wed 14-Oct-20 10:25:14

My 8 weeks old baby is ebf and I’m considering starting a bottle of formula at bedtime 10:30 - until now I have been lifting her to feed at 10:30 but very sleepy and hard to feed without fully wakening and takes an hr. She normally goes to bed at 7:30 after a feed and if I let her go without lifting she wakes Herself at 11:30/12 which is too late for me to sit up waiting and if I go to bed at 10pm I feel worse wakening within an hr or so, hence why Iv been trying to feed her at 10:30 so I can then go to sleep and get a few hrs before she’s wakes 2/3am.
Question is if I breast feed her at 7/ 7:30 and if she gets formula at 10:30 will my boobs settle with this skipped feed until she’s wakes at 2/3am? I have never been able to get much pumping hence why it has to be a formula bottle. Any advice ?

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ClaraLane Wed 14-Oct-20 10:27:33

Can you go to bed at 9pm instead and get a couple of hours sleep in that way?

If you give a bottle of formula then yes your supply will eventually adjust but you may be a bit engorged in the meantime. You also need to make sure you’re pace feeding the bottles which won’t be much quicker than breastfeeding her.

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