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Anyone's baby completely refused a bottle

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Mummasgirls Sat 10-Oct-20 23:13:59

So my daughter is 5 months old and exclusively breast fed. I started trying to introduce a bottle at about 3.5 months.
She completely refuses a bottle! I have tried EVERYTHING and when I say everything I really mean everything! 🙈

Has anyone got any experience of a baby who point blank refuses a bottle? What do you do? How do u ever leave baby?

Any tips/help will be greatly appreciated

Thank you!

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Ohalrightthen Sat 10-Oct-20 23:16:17

Yup, DD completely refused a bottle from about 3m, still won't take formula or expressed milk from a bottle or sippy or open cup. When i had to leave her, pre weaning, she drank just enough to get by and waited for me to get home. Now she has solids instead.

zeddybrek Sat 10-Oct-20 23:17:15

I had a bottle refuser and like you tried absolutely everything. After lots of tears, drama and stress I let her have the boob. She was exclusively BF for 22 months then one day she just laughed at it, slapped my boob and never wanted it again. I'm hindsight it helped her enormously with teething and it was such a comfort for her.

terriblyangryattimes Sat 10-Oct-20 23:19:06

Yep. Tried every make under the sun, with me without me, cup feeding, formula instead of expressed milk.

Nothing worked and he was exclusively breastfed. It was nice to not have to make bottles but a bit of a bugger to be chained to him for 2 years!

Megan2018 Sat 10-Oct-20 23:27:36

I never tried a bottle or cup but was able to leave DD for 3-4hrs once 6 months old. She’s now almost 13 months and still BF but only morning and night unless ill/teething.

I’ve not found it necessary to give a bottle but you can try a cup instead? DD will have the odd cup of cows milk now.

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