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Sudden chills after breast pumping but no redness in breasts

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Totickleamockingbird Wed 07-Oct-20 00:08:35

Chills may be a sign of infection starting to set in. Call NHS because it can go downhill quickly. I was shivering under a few blankets within half an hour of chills when I had mastitis. Keep feeding the baby, however crazy that may sound. You will most likely need antibiotics if the infection proceeds do best thing would be to call NHS and see what they say. Mastitis is a bastardly thing. flowers Good thing is it also goes away quickly so hang in there and get treatment.

Eshaar Tue 06-Oct-20 23:58:21

Hi all, i have been exclusively pumping and feeding my baby for the past 5 months. I had a problem with mybreastpump and got it replaced but after started using the new pump i started having clogged milk ducts. I used warm water compress and it got resolved.

After the clogged ducts resolved there is no redness/heaviness in the breast but suddenly started feeling very chill and temp is 37.5. I am worried. Anyone with similar exp? Can i continue feeding breastmilk to the baby?

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