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MummyinaPandemic Tue 06-Oct-20 18:07:27

Hello all!
My 12 week old little girl, (5 weeks prem) she had jaundice and quite a traumatic birth bless her - (now 11.2lb)
She is feeding every 2-4 hours through the day, (ff) but only seems to take around 100mls-140mls at a time, usually taking around 700ml-850mls in a day, as she usually sleeps 8 hours at night. It has remained the same for the last 4 weeks. At all her reviews with the HV and GP appointments, she has gained weight but has not been weighted now for 3 weeks. I’m worried she won’t have gained at her next review! sad
This to me appears a small amount of formula for her age and weight. Was just wondering if anyone else has experience this and there baby still gains weight.

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Goatsdorhone Tue 06-Oct-20 18:20:17

I think the best advice with FF is to feed on demand and I don't think you can be too wedded to the amounts on the back of the box - it is just a guide. My HV said a useful rule of thumb to work out how much milk in each feed is 150 x baby's weight in kg (at baby's heaviest) / no of feeds in the day. So around 750-800ml in total per day sounds about right based on your baby's weight (my DD is also just over 11lb and having about 5oz 5 times a day).
Have you got some bathroom scales at home? You can weigh yourself and then step back on with baby (naked) to get a rough idea each week.

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