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Cluster feeding

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Little2late Sat 03-Oct-20 12:30:21

BF my DS who is 6 days old, last two nights have been pure hell! From 11.30pm until 4.30am he was non stop feeding,burp, nappy change then cuddle put into his moses basket. He is looking again for more food, is this normal/how long will this last? During the day hes content and settles lovely sad

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Somethingsnappy Sun 11-Oct-20 11:14:05

Hi OP. I've just seen this post and that you've had no replies sad. How are you getting on. Is baby still cluster feeding? Cluster feeding is's baby's way of increasing your supply for the future, but it is exhausting! It tends to be common in the very early days and then settles down until a growth spurt. I won't write too much now, just in case you don't see this message!

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