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Comfort Milk

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Mochiface Sat 19-Sep-20 17:57:04

Hi all,

I was advised by the midwives that our LO has colic but we have been in Infacol for a week or so now and seems to have not helped so we switched to Dentinox and last night seemed to have worked a treat, but this morning , LO was struggling again. Obviously, haven't used Dentinox long enough yet but have bought comfort milk too..

So everytime she passes gas or poos, she struggles, wiggles, screams, screeches and just can't be still like she's really struggling. We decided to put her in comfort milk but realized in the box it says food for special medical purposes and to consult professional before use. When I spoke to the GP, they did say feel free to try specialist milk like comfort and lactose intolerant milk, it wouldn't do any harm and I'm thinking whether it's okay to do so? Did you have similar experience and did comfort milk improve?

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Mumwards Sun 20-Sep-20 23:46:13

I used comfort milk before finding out my LO had CMPA and now is on special hydrolysed formula. All comfort milk is, is slightly thickened milk to help babies who have reflux, it also has partially hydrolysed milk proteins (partially broken down, making it easier to digest). This won’t do any harm to your baby so don’t worry. Think of it as standard formula has standard milk proteins, comfort formula is partially broken down to make easier for digestion for babies with colic, reflux, tummy issues. And hungry baby formula has more milk protein for babies who aren’t satisfied with normal milk.

Mochiface Mon 21-Sep-20 09:24:17

Thanks @Mumwards !

I'm sorry to hear your LO has CMPA - How did you guys get to this diagnosis? We have been suspecting whether out LO is lactose intolerant or has an allergy but she doesn't really display some of the symptoms although I do think you don't have to have it all to be intolerant or having the allergy. I am lactose intolerant myself, which only developed during my teenage years.

Part of me wants to put her on lactose free formula to try but heard it doesn't have any calcium or enough so wasn't sure!

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Mumwards Mon 21-Sep-20 10:58:46

@Mochiface can I ask how old your LO is? Because a lot of the symptoms you described were what my LO exhibited but turned out not to be related. So when she was born up until around 8 weeks she was so gassy, always bringing her knees to her stomach and grunting, she would vomit and spit up lots, cry a lot like she was in pain, she had green mucousy poop and she had a rash on her face. I was told the rash was baby acne and the gassy behaviour was normal for her age Cos her tummy was so small. I didn’t believe any of this and was convinced it was CMPA. I was breastfeeding her so I went completely dairy and soya free but this didn’t change anything except her rash disappeared (I do now believe that this was unrelated however and was actual baby acne). I stopped breastfeeding for separate reasons as her latch was poor even after having her tongue tie revised (please note that tongue tie and CMPA often exhibit same symptoms). Once I put her on bottles I used expressed milk and her gassy behaviour pretty much stopped (I think it was just a combination of being a newborn and her poor latch to my breast was making her swallow a lot of air, so using bottles resolves this). Eventually I stopped pumping and switched to comfort formula. The thickness of the formula immediately helped with her reflux and stopped the vomiting and greatly reduced the spitting up. However the mucous in her stool never went away pretty much confirming she had a intolerance/allergy. My GP finally prescribed the hydrolysed formula which she is on now and having normal poops! I’ve had to add carobel to it to thicken it as she was vomitting again. Basically what I’m saying is if your LO is less than 8 weeks I wouldn’t worry too much as the things you are saying really are normal for most newborns (I didn’t believe this no matter how many people told me, but in the end they were right as her gassiness had nothing to do with her CMPA). I used infacol when she was really little just to help get her wind up but the truth is they’re just so crap at getting their wind up till about 3 months when I noticed a difference in her burping. I’m a FTM so I had nothing to compare this too and I was so worried something was really wrong with her but in the end she’s fine so wish I hadn’t worried so much. So I’d give your baby comfort milk and see how she goes, give her Atleast a week on it and if she’s still struggling call your GP. If her poop isn’t mucousy I highly doubt it’s an allergy or intolerance but I’m not a doctor so always best to check! Hope this helps sorry for long post!

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