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Silent reflux formula???

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sophie269 Wed 16-Sep-20 14:31:51

Best formula for baby with silent reflux who is prone to getting constipated? Nannycare goats milk? Hipp reflux? Hipp original? Any other recommendations I'm so desperate

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sconenotscon Wed 16-Sep-20 14:37:37


My lb has silent reflux too & He was most settled on SMA anti reflux. We tried them all... anything thickened with carob bean gum (C&G anti reflux, aptamil etc) made his constipation worse so I'd try others before trying those if your little one is prone to this too.
As far as I know SMA is thickened with potato starch, this did help my son but he ended up on medication instead because he was suffering badly.

Have you ruled out a possible milk allergy? This is a common cause of silent reflux in babies

Hope this helps and best of luck xx

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