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Fantastic Video on BF and Sleep. A must watch for those interested in the Clair Verity Debacle and for new parents, HVs, midwives, doulas, and especially so called Baby Gurus.

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kiskidee Sat 06-Oct-07 08:33:55

It is an hour long and by Dr James McKenna who is a foremost researcher into infant sleep and breastfeeding.

He sheds 'light on the differences among contemporary cultural practices, personal preferences and scientific findings related to caring for infants.'

It condenses a lot of the articles he has on the web into one 'no read' hour.

video here

ToadieG1 Sat 06-Oct-07 08:41:07

Posting so I can keep this in recent threads. Sounds interesting and I'll watch it later.

FrannyandZombie Sat 06-Oct-07 08:43:54


thanks kiski

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