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HELP, I don’t know why my son is so fussy when feeding:(

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Hollslewis Sun 06-Sep-20 20:27:55

Heya @Sekerim123 you have posted your query on my thread! you may get more replies if you create your own thread! In regards to your comment! I’m not going to be too much help! My son was the exact same! From about 3 weeks old he hasn’t drank as much as he should it would fluctuate around his injections! When he had them he would go down hill, scream when feeding, freak out and wither around like he was in pain! And then would start to drink better a few weeks after! He is 17 weeks too and has gone downhill with his feeding after is 16 week jabssad I’m hoping he gets better soon! For a good month he has been drinking 210 ml bottles 4 times a day! Which is so amazing for him! One tip I have is to just let them drink as much as they want even if it’s not as much as it should be! They won’t starve themselves she will end up crying for it if you leave her long enough! Just keep an eye on her nappies and her soft spot! With my son I just gave him what he was most comfortable with and he ended. Up getting better! My son does in fact have bad reflux and we went to the dr in the pandemic and just kept on and on until they gave us omeprazole which helps a lot most of the time! My biggest advice is to go call your GP and keep on until they help you! Sorry I’m not much help xx

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Sekerim123 Sun 06-Sep-20 16:04:45

I really need help! My daughter is 17 weeks now she was a good feeder loved aptamil 1 ready liquid was taking 900ml a day around 8-9 weeks and all of a sudden she has this crying going on for days and we reached out to the hospital and we was told it may be colic or reflux. She’s never vomited any milk out since she has been feeding. We was told by the hospital to feed her less and not when she wants but when her 3 hours is full to give her 120ml and that what I’ve done but the crying did not stop. I then took her to the gp and I was advice to move to a different formula Hipp ORganic which was really good for her but she never enjoyed the taste of it and she was okay drinking it but less then what she normally had. Thank god her crying stopped. For the past 3-4 weeks she would only drink when she is a sleep she will not cry for milk like before. To feed her I would have to put her to sleep and her feeding is less than before it’s changes from day to day 500ml- 700ml. I don’t know what to do with feeding how to help her. Now she’s resisting to sleep and won’t sleep so I can’t feed her and only drinks 90ml every 4-5 hours a day. I thought she might had reflux now trying aptamil reflux but it’s so thick to take out. Due to covid I can’t get the help I need from doctors. What can I do to help her

Hollslewis Tue 01-Sep-20 12:56:16

I’m not too sure @Shouldbedoing He doesn’t seem congested or anything!

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Hollslewis Tue 01-Sep-20 12:55:35

He had his tongue tie snipped 3 weeks ago! @Randomname85

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Shouldbedoing Mon 31-Aug-20 20:19:15


Shouldbedoing Mon 31-Aug-20 20:17:41

I wonder if the jabs have given him a stuffy nose?

Randomname85 Mon 31-Aug-20 20:15:59

Has he been checked for tongue tie? And properly as some of them can’t be diagnosed immediately.

Hollslewis Sun 30-Aug-20 21:25:05

Heya, so my son is 16 weeks, he had his jabs 4 days ago and ever since he has been extremely fussy when feeding! He will be fine for the start of the feed and after a while will thrash about, wave his arms around and seems in pain! He does have silent reflux which is being medicated but every time he has had his jabs he starts getting fussy and after a while he sometimes improves! I know he is hungry as he would just refuse the milk if he wasn’t! Do you think the jabs make his reflux flair up or something? He is okay some of the feed but will randomly start freaking out and thrashing around! It’s so hard to feed himsad the thing is as soon as I take the bottle out and sit him up he is fine, I lie him on his back he is fine and he never fusses in the day it’s just when feeding so I feel like if it was reflux then why isn’t it bothering him other times... the only things I can think of is that he needs a higher dose of omeprazole, it’s something to do with the injections, or it’s teething! So he has an amber anklet which works a treat but I left it off for a while yesterday when we went swimming and he started getting worse! I put it back on in the hopes it was that that caused his pain but he isn’t better yet! Just stressed out as I feel like his whole life I have been on edge constantly researching and thinking why he is doing this, why he is doing that! What could have caused it! Gets me down when he isn’t okay as it makes my life so hard! Has any mummies had this and figured out why their little ones are in pain? Before his jabs for a solid month he drank soooo well, would guzzle 7oz bottles 4 times a day but now it’s so hard to get him to drink it all! 😩

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