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HiPP Organic first infant milk - smells vile?!

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Dolly5678 Sat 29-Aug-20 19:40:48

My 5 week old has been on Aptimal since birth. He’s been quite constipated which we’ve been managed with cooled boiled water as advised by HV. He has lots of windy too and screams through every feed. Today I took the plunge and switched to HiPP Organic after reading countless good reviews. It smells absolutely vile, stale and fishy. He’s had 3 bottles and has been fussy and unsettled. It seems to have a thinner consistency too, less satisfying for him. I don’t want to keep chop and changing formula so I’m wondering whether to just write today off and go straight back to Aptamil because he wasn’t terrible on it, and perhaps the wind and constipation is normal at 5 weeks (digestive system developing etc). He’s quite a good sleeper at night too, so I’m worried I’ve messed that up by introducing HiPP sad

I know it seems silly to only try it for a day but the smell is so awful and he doesn’t seem satisfied so not sure how that could improve with time?

I read another recent thread about a recipe change for HiPP - would love to know if others have noticed the smell or found their baby was not satisfied in it? My boy is fairly big and drinks 5-6oz per feed.

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bookish83 Sun 30-Aug-20 08:47:57


Yes it is vile. It is such a shame as it is a lovely brand and was a great milk pre change.

We swapped from aptamel too.

The stage 2 milk is fine it doesn't smell but I couldn't cope with how bad the new stage 1 was confused

yukka Sun 30-Aug-20 09:13:52

God I moved from SMA to Hipp and couldn't believe how much nicer it smelt and looked against the SMA! The ready made stuff isn't so nice but had no issues with the formula at all.

Dolly5678 Sun 30-Aug-20 18:20:50

Bookish - I’d done so much research and read so many great reviews about it pre change, I had high hopes that it would be good for my little one. Such a shame that they’ve changed it. Our house literally stank of fish yesterday because of it, he only had 3 bottles! Anyway, we’ve swiftly gone back to Aptamil and fingers crossed he will grown out of the wind and cooled boiled water will prevent constipation

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isitmethough Tue 01-Sep-20 17:30:30

Try Kendamil, no fish oil, smells sweet and creamy.

Also - with formula apparently organic not necessarily best. The non organic formulas contain more of the vitamins etc which naturally occur in breast milk but which can't be sourced organically.

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