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breastfed baby straining to poo

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hermykne Sat 16-Oct-04 20:10:52

ds 12wks old and is now doing poo once maybe twice a day, totally b/feed, but for example today from 11am on til about 2.30 he was grimacing, crying, pushing and just unhappy and i knew it was a poo, which he finally did and it was very runny, alot of it and browny/yellow /greeny.
doc told me at immunisations that they dont really get other ideas either from him.
anyone know why it takes so long?

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hermykne Sat 16-Oct-04 20:14:17

he is 11wks, you think i would remember that

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WigWamBam Sat 16-Oct-04 20:26:22

Their digestive systems are very immature and perhaps that's why it happens but it's quite common. He doesn't sound constipated and from what I remember, runny browny/yellowy/greeny poo is normal in a breast fed baby (it was in mine, certainly).

As long as his poo isn't hard and he's still managing to pass it, I wouldn't think there's a lot to worry about, speak to your HV if you are still concerned.

zebra Sat 16-Oct-04 20:47:36

I think it's normal, Hermykne. But I don't know why, either.

Yorkiegirl Sat 16-Oct-04 21:16:08

Message withdrawn

hewlettsdaughter Sat 16-Oct-04 21:21:44

DD was definitely like this for a while, but did grow out of it (sorry, can't remember exactly when).

NotQuiteCockney Sun 17-Oct-04 09:52:28

My little guy is three weeks, and produces what looks like seedy mustard several times a day, often with much straining. My midwife says, if it's not hard, don't worry about it.

And I've read elsewhere that they're straining because they can feel the poo is ready to come out, so they try to push it out. But because it's (essentially) liquid, there's nothing to push against, they just have to wait until it falls out.

It doesn't sound very pleasant, but it is normal.

hermykne Sun 17-Oct-04 12:59:07

ok thank you all

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NotQuiteCockney Mon 25-Oct-04 14:55:59

Ack, my ds2 has recently gotten worse and worse with this. He will strain for two hours, often in the middle of the night.

I have found that sitting him up, and putting a warm hand on his tummy, both help a bit, to make the poo pass. Anyone else got any tips?

WigWamBam Mon 25-Oct-04 15:45:15

Massage his tummy in circles withy the flat of your hand.

Hold his feet in your hands and bicycle his legs.

lulupop Mon 25-Oct-04 21:12:33

My DD was like this, except twice a day wld have been a dream! She only pooed once a week! Once she went 10 days and was so miserable I went to the GP, whp gave us some glycerine suppositories. Then I used these on her if she hadn't been for a week or more. She was always so happy after she'd "unblocked" herself!

Once she started solids a few weeks ago, soe started going every day (only once though)

DS on the other hand wld go every time I fed him. They're all different.

If your baby seems unsettled, see your doctor. Otherwise, I wouldn't worry too much.

hermykne Mon 25-Oct-04 21:53:59

i have been doing the bicycle motion with his legs and wow the air from that has been ever so quick, so thats helped big time.

major explosion after 2 days.

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user1496034645 Mon 29-May-17 06:14:52

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