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Bottle refused- accepted dreamfeed what next!?

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Ibizababyy Mon 24-Aug-20 22:55:19

DS is almost 6 months, he had a bottle each evening until he was 2 weeks old and then has been EBF since. We’ve been trying for months to get him to take a bottle- bought several different brands/ teats, tried sippy cups, all the tricks you name it we tried it with no success including a dreamfeed attempt with a different bottle. Until 2 days ago I bought a latex teat in a last ditch attempt. He had about 1oz in the past 2 days from it but wasn’t really drinking properly more chewing the teat but drinking what came out. Tonight as we speak he is accepting a dreamfeed from dh using the latex teat!!!! I can’t believe it at all I’m absolutely gobsmacked and overjoyed that there is a little bit of hope maybe.

Now my question is how the hell do we go from him dreamfeed accepting a bottle to getting him to do so awake???

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