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8 month old refusing milk

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Jella Thu 04-Oct-07 20:57:54

After exclusively breastfeeding my ds for 8 months he has gone all today without any milk as he simply won't take any. He has had a little from a beaker and tonight i tried to spoon feed him some expressed milk but he took about 3 spoons full and then refused.
He has a dairy allergy so i can't give him cheese and yoghurts to replace the milk and he really doesn't like his hypo-allergenic milk. Very worried about him as he's always been such a good feeder and hasn't gone off his food just refusing milk Any ideas from anyone would be great as feel pretty helpless

Olihan Thu 04-Oct-07 21:10:21

He could just be teething or going down with a bit of a bug and not feel like feeding. It's only been one day so don't panic too much yet smile. Will he take other fluids (juice/water) from a cup? As long as he's getting fluids from somewhere the lack of milk won't cause a problem if it's only for a few days.

Does he wake at night? You may find he will feed better when he's sleepy and relaxed. It is awful when they won't feed but try not to worry too much. I'd just keep offering him the breast without making it a huge struggle - if he refuses just try again later. Perhaps try rubbing on a bit of teething gel beforehand just in case. Whatever is bothering him will pass fairly quickly, I'm sure. They're faddy little things, babies smile.

Drinkypops Thu 04-Oct-07 21:19:47

Try not to worry, my dd started doing this. As Olihan said try when he is sleepy, my dd would go almost all day with no milk and then make up for it a night, as annoying as that is, I at least knew she was getting her milk! Also the teething gel really works (I use dentinox on my dd)

Jella Thu 04-Oct-07 21:26:22

Many thanks for your replies - i have tried teething gel as i did notice tooth no. 5 coming through this morning but he isn't upset as he has been with a few of his teeth and didn't go off his milk then. He has had a few sips of water but not much fluid really no. Waiting to see if he wakes tonight, was upset going down tonight which wasn't a surprise as normally we would have a lovely feed for 20 minutes.
I have been looking online and found that the return of your period can affect breastfeeding - has anyone heard of this? My period came back Tuesday night.

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