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Breastfeeding and antibodies

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Layladylay234 Sun 23-Aug-20 08:19:58

Hi all,

I have a 12 week old and have combi fed from the start. Shes not starting to prefer the bottle and refuse my breast. She'll maybe have 1/4-5 breastfeeds a day and even then I'm not convinced she's drinking a whole lot and just goes on for comfort or cos she's tired. When I try to put her on to feed,she generally just cries on it until I give her a bottle.

When I was pregnant,I really wasn't that fussed about if she decided to stop but now it's here, I'd really prefer to keep going. Even just for 1-2 feeds a day.

My main concern is that if she stops feeding totally,she won't continue to get antibodies and in the current climate,I know if she got sick (which I know all babies do),I'll blame myself.

Does anyone have any ideas for getting her to start feeding a bit more? And can anyone give me reassurance that if she does stop, she'll at least have got some antibodies and protection from me

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Cauliflower82 Sun 23-Aug-20 08:29:52

Could you express and give her the milk by the bottle?

Nix2020 Sun 23-Aug-20 08:36:54

You build anti bodies with everything you come into contact with. So your child will still build anti bodies. Kids will get sick no matter what.

I'm sorry your having a tough time. I'd try feeding at the breast first then top up with the bottle. Speak to your hv for advice aswell.

Layladylay234 Sun 23-Aug-20 09:34:47

No,couldn't express as I would sit there for 30 mins and get 1 Oz.

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