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DS will not take a bottle,,,, HELP!!!!!!!!

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livvylouis Thu 04-Oct-07 11:19:38

My DS is 11 weeks and BF I have been trying with no success to get him to occasionally take some expressed milk from a bottle but he just gets so upset it is painful to watch, which leaves me feeling really guilty sad. I would love him to have a bottle just once in a while so I can spend a little more one 2 one time with my DD (2.5 years). If anyone has any advice would be greatfully received.

BandofMutantMonsters Thu 04-Oct-07 11:23:41

DD2 was left a grand total of 3 times with a bottle, and refused it until she realised there was nothing else, but then drank grudgingly.
Some babies just wont, but I felt it was something I could do without too much sacrifice.
Spend time with DD when ds is asleep, that is what I did, and stuff the houseworkgrin

MrsPuddleduck Thu 04-Oct-07 11:25:40

Have you tried getting someone else to give him the milk from a bottle. He may not take it from you as he knows there is a better alternative.

I tried all types of bottles without muchsuccess. Someone told me that the really cheap latex teats and bottles are good as they have a very soft teat and aren't difficult to suck.

Good luck, its a nightmare - I've been there myself!

eggontoast Thu 04-Oct-07 11:53:53

I wish I could give some helpful advice, but all I can share is that my DS would not take a bottle, ever. We tried different teats but he just screamed and I could not bear to see it through or put him through it. At about 5 mths I started trying to increase the time between his (around 11am) and around 3pm feed (not that he was ever that regular) and give cup feeds of water/milk inbetween . This worked because from about 4 months I kept trying him with sips from a cup and he got used to it. Eventually his daytime feeds got further and further apart until he was only having morning and night feeds (by about 7 months) so if this works for you, it saves a lot of heartache and crying. Good luck. If you find something that works, let us know, then I might try that with next one.!!

livvylouis Thu 04-Oct-07 12:07:15

Thanks everyone , I will try the latex teats and see if that works if not then I will just have to accept the fact that he may just not take a bottle.

Princesspowersparkle Thu 04-Oct-07 21:19:49

My LO is 11 weeks and as much as I've tried she won't take a bottle either. Well, she took it at about 6 weeks for a couple of weeks but now refuses. I'm going to give it a week and try again. The way i got her to take it the first time was to give her a couple of sleep feeds. Seemed to work but the secind time I tried it worked for a couple of days then nothing.
Good luck.

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