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anyone bottle fed and a good experience and glad they did it

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robinredbreast Wed 03-Oct-07 18:25:19

just interested in your stories

ChantillyLace Wed 03-Oct-07 21:18:27

I breast fed all 3 of mine for the first few months but hated every single minute! When they went onto thebottle everyone was so relaxed, Daddy could join in more (never got on with expressing)and I wondered why I'd ever been so determined to do it. If ever I had another (rest assured I will not!!) I would definitely start off on bottle from day one.

madamez Wed 03-Oct-07 21:24:17

Well I planned to breastfeed and couldn't, and felt a bit rough about it but after a while it was useful to be able to leave DS with my mum or with a friend and go out and do stuff for a few hours without exploding boobs or having to lug a pump around.

flowerybeanbag Wed 03-Oct-07 21:29:07

I am bottlefeeding DS, not by choice exactly, but it is definitely a good experience because-

I can see how much he has
DH can do dreamfeed, it's their quality time together
People can babysit
He has a good routine and goes through the night
He is and has consistently been since birth on 75th centile
He is (and I quote doctor) picture of health
When I was very ill after the birth and unable to even hold him, DH could do all feeds and I could rest and recuperate

Some of that may of course be not at all or only partially to do with bottlefeeding, hard to tell. And I would have tried breastfeeding if it had been a possibility, but like to see the positives in what we are doing.

2shoescreepingthroughblood Wed 03-Oct-07 21:36:26

never normally post on in this topic. but seeing this thread brought back meomories. I tried so hard to bf ds(he is 15 now) but just couldn't after waht seemed like days we gave him a bottle. I always remeber the little sigh he gave as he was at last fed. never regretted it as dh could do it as well.

chocciedooby Wed 03-Oct-07 21:37:31

Bottlefed both DS's. Tried breastfeeding DS1 but both of us really struggled with it. I was unwell after delivery and the support in the hospital was not great.
As soon as I changed to the bottle, DS1 fed well, was content, has always been a great sleeper and has no health issues.
I chose to rasie DS2 the same way.

Lazarou Wed 03-Oct-07 21:42:33

I bottlefed my two and they're still alive so it can't be that bad, lol!

robinredbreast Thu 04-Oct-07 13:31:37

thanks for your help girls its great to hear some other views xx

helps to see the other side of the coin from time to time

Soph73 Thu 04-Oct-07 14:15:10

I bottlefed DS & will bottlefeed the one I´m expecting. The main reason being medical although I can express so will do that initially and also for all the reasons flowerybeanbag states. You can get that all important rest because DH can do it as well, which is always a bonus

dropscone Fri 05-Oct-07 23:34:17

Hi - I tried with my first but she cried all the time - after 4 weeks , lovely HV was concerned and said wasn't a sin to bottle feed ! Always remember first bottle - down the hatch and big sleep ! happy baby ! I do think breastfeeding is best BUT follow your instincts - if it's not working then do something different - a happy mum is a happy baby !

Elsbells Sat 06-Oct-07 09:27:21

I now FF 2nd DC - I have never managed to get passed 4 months BF (4 m with DS, 3 1/2 month recently with DD).

I'd rather still be BF tbh. When it went well it was brilliant and such a lovely experience. BUT the tears and stress I had in both cases were getting worse and worse and since I have switched it has subsided.

As DD gets older I don't feel as sad about the BF. DS is now 2y 2m and the fact that I stopped at 4m doesn't even cross my mind. Right now I am overwhelmed when he runs to me shouting 'mummy' and throwing a huge hug round my legs giving me a huge smile and things like that.

This part of the baby is one of many exciting milestones.

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