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Struggling with bf ds loosing weight still which is best formula Help

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soontobeamummy Wed 03-Oct-07 13:44:33

Our ds is 3 weeks today and is still being weighed every other day. He either looses or stays satic or if he has put on looses it by next weigh-in.
We have been topping him up with expressed breast milk and although this has helped a little not enough to keep hv and mw happy.
We have a second dr appointment tommorrow and we are probably going to be referred to our local hospital if there has been no weight increase.
Hv has advised to get some formula in just incase we can't express enough each feed but isn't allowed to advise us on one.
So back to the original reason i came here is to ask which is the best formula?
Thank you

Brangelina Wed 03-Oct-07 13:54:59

Um, weighing him every other day is not a good idea. I know, because DD and I ended up in hospital and she had to be weighed after every feed, which just confirmed that overly frequent weighing is a load of boll*ks because she often resulted in weighing 100g less after being fed!.

3 weeks is still very small, some babies take a month to regain birth weight. Is he constantly losing weight or has his weight pretty much remained static in these 3 weeks?

If you want to try one or two bottles only (to get you baby's "strength up" as it was put to me), all formulas are pretty much the same. Some, like Aptamil, contain fish oils, so no good if you're vegetarian, and others contain egg, which might be an allergen factor. Otherwise, nutritionally they're all just as good as each other, don't fall for the hype about immunity boosters and all that, it's all rubbish. If you intend to still bfeed anyway you'll be giving him all the nutrients he needs.

Brangelina Wed 03-Oct-07 13:58:21

I just wanted to add that in my DD's case (FTT at 5 weeks) a period of mix feeding helped me to get bfeeding back on track, as long as you're firm about wanting to go back to exclusively bfeeding and don't start substituing bottles for bfeeds. It certainly stopped me from feeling a bfeeding failure and gave me a bit of breathing space.

Good luck!

soontobeamummy Wed 03-Oct-07 17:09:54

Thank you Brangelina
I also think that we would see slightly more of an improvement if he wasn't weighed so regularily but that is what mw and hv want to do i suppose it is so that he doesn't loose any more weight.
We also have conflicting advise between the midwives and the hv one of the mw says not to worry as long as he isn't loosing and remians static don't worry to much the next gets all in a flap about it.
He was born at 7lb 7oz but has dropped to 6ib 9oz and has pretty much stayed there going up 2oz then coming back down to the same again so i suppose it has remained pretty static
we'll see what happens tommorrow, but thankyou for your message

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