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Snacky 8-wk-old gaining too slowly - help

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MotherCourage Tue 02-Oct-07 16:06:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiktok Tue 02-Oct-07 16:18:15

MC - need more info on her weight, please. Compression is worth doing. What's she like at night?

glaskham Tue 02-Oct-07 16:27:12

can i ask how long her 'snacking' has been going on for, both my children had just 5min feeds whether they went for an hour or 4 between feeds, so she may be going through a growth spurt (common between 6 & 8 wks) so if it has been going on just a few days or a week hang in there and she will go back to 3/4hrly feeds. if it has been since day 1 she needs some dicipline, which sounds harsh but all i mean is dont give in at the first whimper from her, try lieing her down and getting her big brother to help play with toys with her or around her to distract her, if you do this for a few days she should start realising your not giving in and she needs to either have more when she feeds or needs to wait for you...... as for your sons patience while your feeding how about a little dolly for him, and a little bottle? we got my son a baby dolly (he was a very well advanced) and he used to sit with me and pretend to feed his baby too (not using a bottle though as we'd not thought of that so he pulled his top up!!!)

MotherCourage Tue 02-Oct-07 16:36:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiktok Tue 02-Oct-07 17:30:19

MotherCourage, I don't think there is a problem with supply, then, sorry....not from what you say. I can see it is demanding and tiring, esp with another little one, but there is no imperative, biological or nutritional, for babies to last three hours between feeds.....plenty of babies don't 'last' this long, and actually, there are plenty of adults who might think 3 hours would be a long time without anything going into their gobs, food or drink

Some mothers find it is easier to have the baby in a sling and just go with the flow, learning to feed as and when the baby wants....there is nothing perculiar or wrong or unhealtjy about short, frequent feeds

MotherCourage Tue 02-Oct-07 18:03:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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