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Newborn formula feeding schedule

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Billyjoearmstrong Sat 01-Aug-20 15:31:42

I’m due to have my third baby in a few weeks and will be formula feeding from birth this time after two horrific breastfeeding experiences with my other children (I produce next to no milk and nothing helped that which resulted in both losing weight and weeks of stress while I was made to feel like shit my HCP before I finally stopped listening and switched to formula, after which they thrived).

So I’ve not FF from birth before. Only from 4 weeks old and was straight onto 4 hourly feeding which they were both fine on.

How often is a newborn fed? I take it they can’t go 4 hours between feeds? I’d like to have a feeding routine as it has always worked out well and I’ve got to factor in two other children as well.

I’ve tried raising it with my midwife but she is adamant that I try breastfeeding again, she will put support in place. I don’t want to. I tried lactation consultants, supplements, you name it, I tried it. It ruined the first few weeks of their lives for me and to be honest, I just want to enjoy this baby as it will be my last.

Any advice on FF from birth would be great, thank you!

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Wale90 Sat 01-Aug-20 15:35:40

From memory we were 2-4 oz offered every 2-3 hours. This was during the day, we offered a slightly larger bottle at 7pm (almost from day 1) and found she would then go to 10pm where we dream fed her another 4 oz, she would then make it to 3-4am.

By 3 months we were on 4-6oz that went more like 7am 10am 1pm 4pm and then 7pm, no night feeds or dream feeds by then.

Billyjoearmstrong Sat 01-Aug-20 15:43:05

@Wale90 thank you, that’s helpful! Mine were always 8am,12,4pm,8,12,4am with them dropping the midnight feed themselves at about 8 weeks and then the 4am feed at 16 weeks. They were both guzzlers though and on 8oz by 8 weeks.

Those times fit in well around school runs and after school activities so I’d like this baby to get to that!

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