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Breastfeeding and sex...

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mmelody Mon 01-Oct-07 12:38:05

Hi there.. I have been BF DS for 10 weeks and am happy to continue as we are both enjoying it very much. smile

Over the past couple of weeks DP and I have started having sex for the first time since his birth. I was lucky and had no tears or stitches etc.

Prior to breastfeeding my breasts would be touched etc by DP during sex but its now impossibe as I still get occasional random letdowns and wear breastpads all day as well as the standard feeding bra. I have also noticed that orgasm triggers a letdown.. has anyone else experienced this? Im guessing its something to do with production of oxytocin??

I have kept my bra firmly in place during sex and DP has not made any moves to remove it..My breasts are definately for feeding at the moment and thats just fine with both of us as while he is really supportive of BF I dont think he would relish being squirted in the eye at the height of passion blush

I was just curious of how other women felt about their breasts/breastfeeding in relation to sex?

ronshar Mon 01-Oct-07 12:42:49

My breast were both like fire hoses for both my dds. Even the sound of a child crying would set them off. So as my DH wasnt ken on the taste or the shower I also kept bra on with approx 6-8 breast pads firmly in place at all times!
I was a sex kitten!!!!hmm
I wouldnt worry to much it all gets back to normal fairly

phdlife Mon 01-Oct-07 14:16:37

my dh is so phobic about milk - of all sorts - he won't go near 'em. hard for me as they used to be major erogenous zone sad

phdlife Mon 01-Oct-07 14:17:00

ooh he's gonna kill me for posting that grin

mmelody Mon 01-Oct-07 14:26:06

A couple of times DP has gone to touch them when standing behind me or giving me a hug.. then immediately apologises which we both laugh at. Its like some unwritten rule that he can't touch them. He calls me 'The milk Goddess' which I think is quite sweet smile

BellaeCandelae Mon 01-Oct-07 14:31:51

Until I stop bfing completely my boobs are most definitely not erogenous zones. And it takes a couple of months after stopping for them to 'calm down'. It's not that I have letdowns or random leaks, but that it just doesn't feel right. The nipples especially are so sensitive that I don't feel aroused by having them handled.

Once I've been feeding for 6m or so, then I do'nt mind having the boob touched if I'm in the mood, but stay away from the nipple and areola!

Dh quite likes to get oral with my boobs, but he is totally freaked by the warm milk. Which is a shame, because I keep producing for months after I stop feeding, and I fed dd for nearly two years, so he had quite a long wait before he could get friendly with them again grin.

phdlife Mon 01-Oct-07 14:38:06

my sister can still get milk out of hers, 6 years after finishing bfing! Think she has to be trying, though, rather than it happening by 'accident'.

harpsichordcarrier Mon 01-Oct-07 14:40:53

well I have been bf for the past four and a half years (with two babies I should say) so I have a little experience smile
at the beginning it was a little odd to get used to the idea of the dual purpose thing, but after a while the mill supply settles down and so does the let-down/sensitivity.
I used to try and feed just prior to <Ahem> to make sure that there was as little milk as possible available....

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