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Expressing at night

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DaisyDairy Thu 30-Jul-20 00:53:23

I've been using a silicone breast pump during night feeds, just to catch drips and try to limit the mess. I'm generally getting approx 2oz per feed, and feeding three or four times through the night.

So far I have just been tipping it away, as DS was exclusively BF and I already had a few bags of expressed milk sitting unused in the freezer. However we are just starting to introduce occasional bottles, so it makes sense to stop pouring milk away.

If I take a large empty bottle (8oz?), and one of those insulated cool bags with an ice pack, upstairs with me in the evening; can I just decant milk into that through the night; then pop it in the fridge in the morning? It would be nice to not have to go downstairs to decant and refrigerate milk after every feed, but obviously I don't want to risk giving DS 'off' milk. Also, if I sterilise the silicone pump just before bed each evening, can I keep using it for the three or four feeds during the night, or do I need to re-sterilise it each time?

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DaisyDairy Thu 30-Jul-20 15:59:33


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zippityzip Sun 02-Aug-20 09:48:35

I can imagine as long as it's kept cold it should be fine - lots of ice packs. They transport donated milk in a similar fashion.

I also read that as it's breast milk there is no need to sterilise in between pumps - just give it a good wash first thing.

Good luck!

DaisyDairy Sun 02-Aug-20 10:08:04

Thanks @zippityzip

I got just over 5oz last night (over a few feeds). Wasn't chilled so it went down the sink, but I'll try taking a cool bag & ice packs up with me tonight.

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