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any of you bf mums give the odd bottle of formula just to give yourself a break from time to time

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robinredbreast Sun 30-Sep-07 15:08:44

just planning on going to a lovely spa next weekend all three of us and be nice to give dd a bottle before we go so i know shes had a good feed then i can relax

im only taking about the odd bottle hear and there
dd is 14 weeks old ex bf so far

can be bothered with expresssing find it too much like hard work expressing the milk

yaddayah Sun 30-Sep-07 15:15:42

both dc's were given a tester bottle of formula (I could never get the hang of expressing either) at 10 weeks, worked fine and meant on the very rare occasion I had a babysitter I could go out and enjoy myself

Have a nice time at the spa envy

StealthPolarBear Sun 30-Sep-07 15:18:05

not sure when you plan to give the bottle - before the journey do you mean?
What do you plan to do when you get engorged?
At 17 weeks I spent 24 hours in hospital, probably only fed 4 times in that period, plus pathetic attempt at hand expressing into the sink. When i was discharged I had supply problems which took 3 or 4 days to resolve.
Other than all that...I'm sure it can work at 14 weeks! I know ppl regularly give a bottle before bed and still bf during the day.

empen Sun 30-Sep-07 15:31:08

Have you tried her on formula already. I know that my DD took a little while to get used to it and at first would never drink very much of it. I used to give her formula during the night - 2 reasons. Firstly she would sleep through the night and secondly daddy could help out!

BTW - jealous you are going to a spa - have a nice time

MrsBadger Sun 30-Sep-07 15:37:12

if you will give her the bottle before you leave, why not just feed her yourself before you go?

if you were leaving her with someone else who would feed her in your absence I coud see the point, but it doesn't sound like that's what you're planning...

Flamesparrow Sun 30-Sep-07 15:44:18

I could never be bothered tbh.

Stealth - you've reminded me of attempting to hand express in a sink at my granddad's funeral (was engorged and had to get rid of some of it) - it all went horribly wrong and I squirted up my face and in my hair blushgrin I then had to explain to my sister why I had a soggy streak - it did brighten an otherwise horrible day though!

robinredbreast Sun 30-Sep-07 15:51:35

well dd is still feeding about 15 times a day
[robinrb hangs head in shame]
just b nice to have a break one in a while without this constant feeding
i was planing on expressing in the eve when dd has gone to bed
thought what id do waas give her the formula before going [thats if shes takes it she hasnt had any yet] then we can relax then the next feed bf then at night express any excess and to keep up supply

otherwise ill be feeding her the whole time sad

Flamesparrow Sun 30-Sep-07 16:03:40

Go for it then!

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