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Tandem Feeding Colostrum

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haditfortheday Fri 28-Sep-07 15:39:21

I am 41 weeks preg bfing my DS,11.5 month old on demand. So obviously planning to go down the road of tandem feeding.
Over the last week my DS has been waking in the night, something he hasnt done since he was a bout 14 weeks old. He is feeding for at least an hour. Now while I thought I wasnt going to be up feeding 2 in the night it looks like I may well be. I was wondering if maybe now the milk is more colostrum & not enough to see him through the night?
Also does the body only make a set amount of colostrum then stop when baby is born- I am worried incase his feeding for an hour in the night means new baby wont get as much?
Hope this makes sense- been having some contractions today so my mind is all over the place & thought I really need to try & sort this out too.

laundrylover Fri 28-Sep-07 15:46:38

Wow, you're going to be one busy mummy eh? Congrats on the tandem feeding advice but bumping for you.

Will have a look around as am waiting for some work to come through and see what the web has to say on the matter!

laundrylover Fri 28-Sep-07 15:57:52

Sorry I can't do links so cut and paste it. You won't run out of colostrum though it says so no need to worrygrin.

I hope that DS starts sleeping through the night for you when the new baby arrives.

jamila169 Fri 28-Sep-07 21:46:52

I'm on my second spell of feeding while PG and tandem fed my DS2 and DD until last xmas (he was 31/2 by then!) and it made no difference to either of them - I was told that what happens is that with a toddler over 1 year the mature milk actually contains nearly as many antibodies as colostrum to give the toddler an immune boost at the time they are starting to get around more which made sense.
I also found that there was no less colostrum when DD was born, it lasted the same length of time and she had no problems feeding so it was obviously there in a big enough amount -I reckon DS2 was just enjoying the gold top!
The only thing I found was that you end up feeding them both at the same time, so have to arrange the baby on top,on a kind of big brother or sister feeding pillow - and watch out for the big one deciding to jump off and disappear - a newborn hanging from one nipple smarts a bit to say the least
Lisa x

kate1000 Thu 04-Oct-07 15:55:14

I just want to say thanks for your comments - they've given me the courage to tell my HV to get stuffed. I've just found out that I am about 5 wks pregnant with my 2nd baby, DD1 is 13mths and still bfing, about 3 times during day and same at night. I went to talk to HV who advised me to wean her immediately and to do it by using controlled crying shock DD1 co-sleeps and always has done I'm not about to stop BF and kick her out of bed too.

Can anyone give me any tips on how you go about tandem feeding - DD1 is showing no signs of weaning although we've a long way to go.

Where did you get support from - my HV already thinks I'm a lunatic and we do not have a permanent community midwife at the moment? Thanks

3madboys Thu 04-Oct-07 16:11:08

i am preg with no 4 at the moment and feeding my 2 and a hlaf year old, he has stopped feeding in the night mainly, but still co sleeps, and feeds on and off during the day, when i was preg with him i was still feeding ds2, he was 2yrs 4mths when ds3 was born and i tandem fed for over a year, until ds2 was almost 4. i ahd no issues at all really, it wasnt something i had planned to do but it just worked. it was great when my milk came in and i was engorged or got a blocked duct etc as i just got my toddler to feed and he cleared it immediately

i think the kellymom? site has some good info as does the la leche league website.

i attended a la leche league group for a bit, but tbh i just trusted my instinct my babies were happy and healthy and that is what mattered

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