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green poo in bottle fed 10 week old

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bumbly Fri 28-Sep-07 08:31:10

been told different things by every single mw/hv

some say normal
some say overfed
some say underfed

any insights form mumsnetters...??

is it bad???

bumbly Fri 28-Sep-07 10:36:10


Seona1973 Fri 28-Sep-07 13:27:12

formula can turn poo green as a matter of course. If your lo is happy in themself and content between feeds then there is nothing wrong. If your lo has the cold or is coming down with something then that can make poo a bit green too. I've never heard of green poo caused by over/under feeding. hmm Just wait till weaning starts, you'll get all sorts of colours/textures then!!

loolop Fri 28-Sep-07 13:43:49

Bumbly have you recently changed formula? My DD's poo was green for about 2wks when I stopped breastfeeding and put her on Aptamil. have had a few friend's who've had trouble with poo when using SMA as well

pixelchick Fri 28-Sep-07 13:47:50

Actually green poo can be a symptom of underfeeding - if you breastfeed I'd go to the gp/hv.

indiasmum Fri 28-Sep-07 13:49:07

ds1 was ff and his poo turned green. i think its normal if they are otherwise happy afaik

lornaloo Fri 28-Sep-07 13:52:47

I think its only bad if it very green iyswim. Formula fed babies tend to have slightly greener poos than bf babies. Bf babies poos are usually or ime bright yellow. Like Seona says if baby seems happy, feeding well, gaining well I wouldnt worry too much. If it persits and you feel something is wrong ask your HV.

bumbly Fri 28-Sep-07 14:42:46

thanks loads about this!!!!!!!!

indiasmum Sat 29-Sep-07 16:00:38

oh and incidentally when his poo first turned green it smalt properly appalling- i was retching!!!!

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