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Feeling desperate, Bf baby waking every 2 hours at night. .

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charliemama Wed 26-Sep-07 20:13:37

Have copied this from sleep to see if anyone has any advice.

My dc3 has always been a windy (trumps like a trooper!) and consequently unsettled baby. I survived until 12 weeks with the hope this would improve. He was waking once in the night so I was coping, but finding the days hard.
The irony is since just before 12 weeks he has taken to waking every 2 hours at night and this often with lots of grunting and trumping. I thought it might be a growth spurt, but he seems to be able to go longer in the day between feeds.

I am getting very down and exhausted as I have 3 dcs under 5.

Has anyone had the same problem, does it sort itself out?

luckylady74 Wed 26-Sep-07 20:16:03

the only thing i can think of is it anything that you're eating affecting him? i assume you'vbe tried infacol and so on. have you asked your hv?

charliemama Wed 26-Sep-07 20:35:51

My ds1 was an unsettled baby, but was content when being held. DD came a,long a screamed for 14-16 weeks.

It feels like I have tried every colic/wind remedy in the world, gripe, infacol, colief, craniel osteopath, cutting out certain foods, praying, pacing the room, rides in the car..... Tbh I'm not sure that any of them really had much of an impact.

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