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softandsaggy Tue 30-Jun-20 17:25:58

I've had a phone consultation with the GP today, who has diagnosed Mastitis and prescribed a 10 day course of antibiotics.

I suspect the cause is ill-fitting bras. I've ordered larger ones hoping they are delivered quickly.

I will keep feeding on demand, but can anyone answer the following questions?

Do I feed more off the 'bad' boob, or keep alternating equally?

Am I best sleeping on my side? If so, 'bad boob' top or bottom?

Do I pump as well as feeding? If so, how much?

Can I take Ibuprofen in between the paracetamol doses?

Until the new larger bras arrive, do I wear the 'too-small' ones, or go bra less?

Any other tips to get me through this? I feel bloody awful.

Latch is ok and baby feeds every couple of hours, some large feeds, some small.

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taxiformum Tue 30-Jun-20 17:43:20

Oh gosh I totally sympathise with you mastitis is awful. You still need to alternate sides so as not to cause problems on the other side but feed from the infected breast even if it feels uncomfortable. It's worth also pumping or hand expressing if you feel need. I definitely think mine was caused by an ill fitting bra so if I were you I wouldn't wear the small one. I'd go braless or wear a secret support vest. Finally, I think you'll be fine with ibuprofen and paracetamol and I'd don't think sleeping on either side will cause any problems so just sleep however you feel most comfortable.

taxiformum Tue 30-Jun-20 17:45:12

I hope you feel much better soon. I found the antibiotics kicked in quite quickly and started to feel better. In the meantime and in future keep your eye out for any lumps or clogged ducts and apply some warmth and massage the lump out to try and avoid mastitis again. I had it twice in the space of 3 weeks confused

softandsaggy Tue 30-Jun-20 18:41:17

Thank you @taxiformum

What a horrible feeling. Hoping for a swift recovery, i will follow your advice.

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butidoloveyou Tue 30-Jun-20 18:47:01

I've had mastitis several times so sending you lots of sympathy! I would say make sure you feed from both sides as you don't want to end up with problems with the other, but definitely make sure to feed from the affected side as often as possible. I would go braless just now as you don't want to wear anything tight. I also found a hot bath and soaking the affected side helped as well as applying a hot cloth before feeds (I actually used a disposable nappy and soaked it in hot water as it keeps the heat for longer). I never pumped, just fed, but would hand express in between feeds and if you feel there is a lump or blockage try to massage it as best as you can. I think each time I had it it was because I'd slept on my front - I wouldn't think it matter which side you sleep on as long as you aren't leaning too much on that side if that makes sense.

ChikiTIKI Tue 30-Jun-20 19:00:56

How old is your baby?

Start feeds on the sore side as often as you can, without neglecting the other side- you don't want it there too.

It's awful isn't it... I had severe flu symptoms last time I got it. Baby was less than a month old I think. Lots of feeding on that side, massage while feeding, massage during warm baths and the antibiotics did the trick. Took a good few days for the sore boob to go soft again but fever ended quite soon after starting the tablets, about a day.

Think I lay on my back due to sore boobs and sore tummy (c section).

Hope you feel better soon!

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