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giving up bf - how long before things settle down?

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lulu25 Wed 26-Sep-07 13:42:02

i'm down to one BF a day and planning to cut that out in the next couple of weeks.

how long before my boobs settle back to "normal" size and i can GO OUT AND BUY NICE BRAS????

gybegirl Wed 26-Sep-07 14:15:34

I was feeding my DD once before she went to sleep and didn't think she was taking much. I stopped about a month ago - cold turkey but both happy - and it took a good 5 days to calm them down. It was Pamela Anderson all over again (and painful). I just ignored them and they went down by themselves. Now my boobs are normal albeit somewhat lower, however, just become pregnant again so the new bras to push them to where they once belonged will have to wait another 2 years!!!

mybabysinthegarden Thu 27-Sep-07 10:01:37

I just stopped yesterday (like you, I cut back to one feed for a couple of weeks) and I can barely reach the keyboard over them! So far, not too sore though (fingers crossed). I'll let you know how I get on-- I'm dying to get back into decent bras too.

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