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Reducing BF advice needed

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t3al0v3r Mon 22-Jun-20 20:21:54

I've recently decided to stop BF my DS after nearly 7 weeks. I was simply finding it to difficult as in a FTM.

DS is now on formula during the day and Breast milk on a night time. I'm exclusively expressing three times a day and getting 4/5oz altogether each time.

I'm just wondering when I should and can safely reduce my expressing without running into problems like mastitis and blocked ducts?

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plixy Mon 22-Jun-20 20:30:44

I dropped one expressing session at a time and waited for my boobs to settle in to the new routine before stopping another. It was about 2 weeks in between stopping each one so took a while but it meant that when I stopped altogether they were only uncomfortable for a few days and then my milk stopped pretty quickly.
I'm sure there's quicker ways to do it but I've heard it can be painful and I wanted to avoid that.

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