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Baby posseting/ vomiting

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Hv21 Wed 17-Jun-20 07:48:11

Hi. My son is 5 weeks old now. He was born 10 days before his due date. I’m worried as he is taking out mouthfuls of fresh milk after breastfeeding. Sometimes it is digested milk as well. Around 5 mins after I wind him and put him down to sleep, he begins squirming and taking out more. I’m only feeding him every 2-3 hours and giving him a pacifier in between. He sleeps well at night but I have to change his clothes in the middle of the night as it’s too wet. His bibs are soaked through. He is picking up weight and his diapers are full when I change him. I’ve tried putting a pillow underneath him etc. so he is slightly upright when I put him down but it doesn’t seem to be helping. He only sleeps well if I keep him in his stomach on top of me. And is it normal for babies to squirm a lot in their sleep?

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DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 18-Jun-20 10:40:22

Hi @Hv21,

We're moving your thread over to our Infant Feeding topic - hopefully some Mumsnetters will be along soon with some advice and support. flowers

Hv21 Fri 19-Jun-20 13:08:35

Thank you

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