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Reflux - when to medicate? Did weaning help?

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TwoKidsStillStanding Sat 06-Jun-20 22:28:24

DS2, 20 weeks, EBF, has reflux. It seemed to settle for a few weeks but has flared up again over the last couple of days. No healthcare professional is interested because he’s mostly happy (albeit quite clingy but I think normal for his age) and gaining weight well (91st centile). We were prescribed Gaviscon at 9 weeks but it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference and is a faff to administer.

As I said, he’s mostly happy and gaining weight well. But on bad days, the vomiting is....well, bad. He doesn’t show obvious signs of discomfort during the day - he’s happy on his back on the baby gym and in his pushchair - but is windy and will not sleep unless in his buggy/sling/car seat or being held. He won’t sleep on his back (strong preference for his side, with head raised) and won’t be transferred to a crib or basket once asleep - or even, usually, another adult. We have to cosleep or I’d never get any sleep.

How bad does this sound? Should I push for more medication? Or hold out for another few weeks and start weaning, and see if that helps? I hate the thought of him being in pain or uncomfortable, and I would probably have gone back to the GP if he was a grumpier baby. Equally, I don’t want to medicate unnecessarily.

If your baby had reflux, how long did they need meds for? Did weaning make a difference?

Thanks in advance smile

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GrumpyHoonMain Sun 07-Jun-20 06:20:48

It won’t be considered a problem while he’s gaining weight well - some babies are just vomity babies. Early can help but it’s only recommended for babies who are struggling to gain weight, so if I were you I’d just keep going as you are

TwoKidsStillStanding Sun 07-Jun-20 09:13:50

Oh, if we get to six months without him snatching food out of my hand, we’ll be doing well! But plan to wait in absence of medical advice.

Thanks - my main concern is whether he would sleep better if it was under more control. But I guess that’s a great unknown...

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